Thursday, October 10, 2019


Don't buy a home, wedding, lot, event or golf before you learn about the BAD LUCK and JINX of Bella Collina. Since 2002 Bella Collina was associated with SCAM and FRAUD.

History Of 
Losses & Fraud Lawsuits Bella Collina, the brainchild of Edward Robert Ginn III, looks like a ghost town even today this 1,900-acre property that was designed to hold 800 homes. Bella Collina codos in trouble Only 48 houses dot the landscape and very few have families in them. The Florida suit also alleges that Mr. Ginn worked to artificially inflate the prices of parcels in his development.

In one case, according to the lawsuit, a buyer bought two properties for a total of $1.007 million, and Mr. Ginn’s title company recorded the respective sale prices as $1.007 million and $1. The company then used the larger price as a “comparable” figure in an appraisal for Roy Bridges, a British financial adviser who bought a property for $1.195 million, according to appraisal records. Mr. Bridges’s property is now in foreclosure. Mr. Ginn from 
Bella Collina contends that “the county recorded it incorrectly.” According to a transcript of a video obtained by a law firm representing property owners in the suit, a Ginn salesman told a group of potential buyers at Bella Collina that “Lot 5 sold for $2.1 million this morning.” But property records showed that the parcel sold for just $416,900, according to the lawsuit. When Mr. Ginn was in his 30s, he worked with the Butcher brothers, Jake and C. H. Jr., Tennessee bankers who went to prison for bank fraud. In 1986, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation sued Mr.

Ginn, (
real estate developer of Bella Collina) contending that he had participated in a scheme with the brothers to defraud banks under the pretense of developing a property in that state. The A & G deals are cited in a class-action suit filed last week in federal district court in Florida, alleging a scheme to sell properties based on fraudulent appraisals. Mr. Ginn says he now faces about 30 lawsuits. Don Karl Juravin is EXPOSING the truth with FACTS to WARN consumers of homes and wedding couples.

Around 2012, with the aid of the 
criminal Richard Arrighi, Dwight Schar financed the Bella Collina purchase which is managed today by Randall F. Greene (accused of real estate scam or "stealing a house") and Paul Simonson who Don Juravin sees responsible for Bella Collina homes LOSING VALUE DRAMATICALLY.

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INVESTIGATION INTO BELLA COLLINA alleged residents harassment where Bella Collina was sued. The news Siena at Bella Collina condos seems to do very poorly.